New Business in Cambridge

Welcoming New Business to Town
Posted on 10/15/2020
CounselingThe Cambridge Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the opening of a new business at 706 Patterson Street in Cambridge: Medicine Creek Counseling, owned by Wendy Shifflet, LCSW.

Wendy received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Chadron State in 2001 and became a medical social worker working in hospitals. In 2018, she earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work. Prior to opening her practice, Wendy was employed with Senior Life Solutions at Tri Valley Health System in Cambridge and also with Unified Therapy in McCook. Doors officially opened at Medicine Creek Counseling September 1, 2020.

Because of the Covid pandemic, our nation is also seeing an increased mental health pandemic and a lack of licensed mental health therapists. Wendy has several different trauma approaches to her counseling but is most excited to offer Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a psychotherapy treatment that was originally designed to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories (PTSD). Over the years, EMDR has also been shown successful in treating anxiety, depression, grief, or any real emotional trauma a patient is experiencing.

“I have a therapeutic toolbox and what works for one person may not work for another,” said Shifflet. “My patients are involved in deciding what works best for them.

“Perceptions that surround mental health are a generational trend. It used to be believed that if we didn’t show emotion, we were stronger. However, our emotions are a beautiful part of what makes us human. When you resist your emotions, they stick there and build up. But if we can recognize them, they will pass. Everyone needs to realize that we are all struggling in some way and that doesn’t make us weak.”

Wendy sees patients over the age of 19. Office hours are 8 am to 5 pm with flexibility in the evening. Sessions can be held at the office location, at your home, or any safe, private location you prefer. Currently there are no distance restrictions if traveling for a home session. Services also include EAP, sessions via Telehealth, and her LCSW license allows her to accept Medicare.

To schedule an appointment, call 308-737-3051 or email Wendy at [email protected].