Developing Tomorrow's Leaders

Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders
Posted on 10/01/2019
Bria Tomlin

The goal of the Cambridge Economic Development (ED) Board's internship-grant program is to help educate youth at local jobs, encouraging them to stay in Cambridge or return here to work after college. The program connects high-school and college students with local employers, providing a unique opportunity for the students to gain valuable business experience and begin developing into tomorrow’s leaders. This summer, four local businesses took advantage of the ED internship-grant program. (*Please note – ED grant funds were used for one Twin Valleys Public Power District intern. TVPPD funded the other.)


PaulPaul McConville - Pinpoint

Paul worked for Pinpoint in the IT field with the hopes of building his resume to help him get a foot in the door to bigger business. He was chosen for the internship because he grew up on a farm and wasn’t afraid to work on the given tasks. Paul believes it is important for businesses in Cambridge to offer these types of opportunities to young people because it helps the intern learn what they are getting into and build an impressive resume.

Matt Pearson – Twin Valleys Public Power District

Matt and Wyatt

Matt entered the summer internship following his education from Northeast Community College and believes this internship will help him by preparing him for the future workforce. “I really appreciated their patience and willingness to teach,” Matt said. “I learned something valuable from everyone I worked with.” Matt believes the internship opportunities available show young people that there are careers like this in small towns. “Getting to work at Twin Valleys and actually getting to do the work has given me the confidence and skills I need to prepare me for the workforce. I am very thankful for this opportunity,” he concluded.

Wyatt Fiene – Twin Valleys Public Power District
Throughout the summer, Wyatt got to see a wide variety of what the daily life of a lineman is like, from working with sub-transmission, wiring up transformers, building line, terminating underground, storm work and even working on converting a town from 2400 to 7200. He believes this internship helped tie everything together that he learned in school. “I was fortunate enough to work with two different crews to see how different methods can get the same results, because everyone has their own way of doing things,” Wyatt said. “It is all about how you are most comfortable at a safe, efficient pace.”

BriaBria Tomlin – Tri Valley Health System (TVHS)

Bria served as an intern at Tri Valley in the pharmacy department. During her time at TVHS, she gained her Pharmacy Technician certificate along with many other valuable skills to propel her forward such as experience with Pyxis and Meditech. She also gained a new interest for compounding medications in the hood. “Amongst the many pharmaceutical skills I have gained, I also am taking away skills that are imperative to any job setting,” Bria said. “This experience has not only driven my passion toward my desired career path of pharmacy but has made me feel even more certain in my dreams to come back to rural areas in Nebraska to serve as a pharmacist in the near future.”

JennaJenna Ebbers – Valley Voice (previously Cambridge Clarion)

Before Jenna entered UNL as a journalism major, she was able to take a deep dive into experiences and opportunities for what she hopes to do for the rest of her life. She had the opportunity to write feature stories for both the Clarion and Oxford Standard, cover city council meetings, enhance her photography skills and gain experience in design and layout. “To list all the things this summer internship has taught me would be endless,” Jenna said. “It has definitely shown me that I’m in the ri
ght line of work and that journalism is the path I want to pursue.”

Good luck to all of the interns in your future endeavors! If you are a Cambridge business interested in the internship-grant program, contact
[email protected]