Gift Card Promotion Continues

Double Their Dollar Gift Card Promotion Continues
Posted on 08/01/2020
Gift Card PromoIt was so successful during May that they’re bringing it back! The Cambridge Economic Development Board (ED) and Chamber of Commerce are excited to announce that during the month of August, businesses who use online AND in-store gift card purchases will again be doubling their dollar! Starting August 1, any gift card that is purchased at a participating business will be matched equally by ED*, and the Chamber will pick up all of the service charges associated with online gift card purchases.

New this month: for every $25 in gift card purchases, patrons will receive $5 in “2.0 Chamber Bucks.” These Chamber Bucks can be used at ANY Chamber business whether they participate in this gift card promotion or not. Chamber Bucks cannot be applied towards gift cards purchased or redeemed on the same sale/transaction for which they are awarded.

“We had a tremendous outpouring of support for our local businesses during the Double Their Dollar month of May,” said Jodi Cobb, Chamber president. “This month, we decided to give back to the customers as well in the form of Chamber Bucks. (They will look a little different but spend the same way.) We appreciate both the businesses and all those who shop there!”

Businesses don’t pay a cent until they sell a gift card, and when they do, they immediately receive 100 percent of the gift card revenue in full. ED will match funds up to $36,000 with a limit of $2,000 per business, so be sure to shop them all!

Patrons can find a list of participating businesses and their gift card websites here:

*This promotion is exclusive to Chamber members only. ED matching funds will only go to Cambridge businesses. For participating Chamber members outside of Cambridge, the Chamber will reimburse administrative costs.