Citizen's Advisory Committee

Cambridge, Nebraska

Citizens Advisory Committee Image of "Citizen Advisory Committee"Members

Jo Lee Ebbers -2023

Tammy Sexton - 2023

Kim Cramer -2024

Pam Westadt -2022

Jim Jones - 2022

 Administration of an LB-840 tax program for economic development includes a compact with the citizens of Cambridge, who agreed to pay a higher sales tax in return for an investment in the future of the community. The residents have a right to review the effectiveness of that investment through a separate voice and authority -- in the form of the Citizens Advisory Review Committee.

This advisory committee was created in November 2005, when the Cambridge community approved a tax levy to help fund economic-development projects under the legislature's "LB-840" guiding legislation.  According to city ordinance, this advisory committee meets at least twice a year with the Cambridge Economic Development Board and reports any concerns or findings to the mayor and City Council.

The Citizens Advisory Review Committee must not include:

  • Any elected of appointed city official
  • Any city employee
  • Any participant in a decision-making position regarding expenditure of program funds
  • Any official or employee of any business receiving assistance under the program.
  • Any official or employee of a participating financial institution